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"Through safe and effective management, containment and removal, QMLP ensures that the risk to human health and the environment is eliminated."

Quantum Murray LP

Hazardous Materials

Building on the company's proven expertise and reputation for excellence in asbestos removal and abatement, QMLP specializes in the safe and effective management of a wide range of contaminants found in commercial, residential, industrial and institutional buildings.

Over the years, our team of specialists has handled thousands of hazardous materials projects. These range in scope from mould removal and decontamination in single family homes in remote, First Nations' communities, to such diverse projects as the expansion and renovation of international airports and the removal of asbestos and other toxic materials from large shopping malls, hospitals and schools.

It has long been known that exposure to such airborne contaminants as asbestos, mould, lead, mercury and PCBs, among others, poses a serious risk to human health. QMLP will work with you to assess the type and level of contamination found on your site, perform a risk assessment, and develop a comprehensive, site-specific exposure control plan. We use the latest abatement technologies to handle a wide range of toxic materials and building contaminants.

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