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Our mould remediation services include:

  • Testing, identification and assessment
  • Containment to prevent the spread of spores
  • Removal and proper disposal of materials contaminated by mould
  • Decontamination of building HVAC systems
  • Prevention of mould re-occurrence through the application of fungus inhibitors
  • Addressing the underlying conditions causing the contamination

Mould / Fungi

Buildings contaminated with mould and fungus have become a growing problem in recent years. Mould thrives in moist, humid environments and is generally found in buildings with water damage or ongoing moisture problems such as condensation and damp conditions. Air movement and handling of contaminated material can release toxic spores into the air, causing allergies and a host of respiratory illnesses.

Drawing on its years of experience, QMLP provides solid expertise in mould abatement and remediation, from mould removal and decontamination of single family homes in remote, First Nations’ communities to schools, hospitals and apartment buildings.

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