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Emergency Plan Development

QMLP provides Emergency Plan Development services to clients requiring assistance in the following areas:

• Transport Canada Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP)

Transport Canada ERAPs are required by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (TDGR) for certain very harmful Dangerous Goods that necessitate special expertise and response equipment. The plans are intended to assist local emergency responders by providing them with technical experts and specialized equipment at an accident site.

• Environment Canada E2 Plan Production

Under the E2 Regulations, anyone storing or using a listed substance above the specified thresholds, or who has a container with a capacity for that substance in excess of the specified quantity, will have to notify Environment Canada of the place where the substance is held, along with the maximum expected quantity and the size of the largest container for that substance. If both the above criteria are exceeded, the regulatee is required to prepare and implement an environmental emergency plan and notify Environment Canada accordingly.

• In Plant Emergency Plans

Emergency Plan Development assistance is available for the production or auditing of in house emergency plans. QMLP’s Emergency Response experience, with spill clean up, ERAPs and E2 plan generation, gives us the real work experience necessary to draw from. We are an excellent resource for all your in house plants.

• Emergency Response Plan Review/Preparation
• Regulatory Affairs
• Risk Assessment
• Health & Safety Programs
• Policy Preparation & Integration
• Mock Disaster Exercise Development/Testing
• Safety Equipment Assessment
• Fire Drill Assessments
• Emergency Response Team Assessments
• SOG-Safe Operating Guidelines Preparation/Review
• Waste Management Assessments
• Training Assessments

To find out more information on QMLP’s Emergency Plan Development services, contact:

Phone: 905.388.4444 Toll-free: 1.877.378.7745 Email: [email protected]

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