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Bioremediation is an innovative process that uses naturally occurring microorganisms to break down the contaminants or hazardous substances found in soil and transform them into harmless products such as carbon dioxide and water. This process of bio-degradation is one that occurs naturally, over time. QMLP speeds up the process by creating optimal environmental conditions to stimulate microorganism growth and activity. Once the soil has been treated, it is safely recycled and reused.

Environmental Sustainability

QMLP’s bioremediation treatment facilities provide "ex situ" treatment and disposal of contaminated soils using environmentally sustainable methods. Contaminated soil is excavated and transported to the facility where it is spread in piles on a treatment pad for processing. The treatment pads are carefully designed to protect the surrounding environment from contamination through a built-in system that collects any leachate or toxic materials that may seep out of the contaminated soil. The pads are constructed from a hydrocarbon resistant, high-density polyethylene liner overlain by granular material and a 75-mm thick layer of asphalt.

A sophisticated leak detection and water treatment system has been built into the treatment pads so that leachates and water runoff are collected and routed through a series of settling ponds to capture suspended solids. The treated water is then filtered through an engineered wetland and carbon vessel for further polishing before it is finally discharged.

The water is tested regularly to ensure that it meets regulatory standards.

Soil Treatment Approval

Bioremediation is well suited to the clean-up and safe disposal of soils contaminated with petroleum products. Working closely with its clients, Quantum develops a customized treatment program for each batch of soil, designed according to the type of soil and the nature of the contamination, as follows:

Waste Characterization

Before soil is accepted for treatment, clients must provide laboratory analyses and complete a Soil Characterization Profile to describe the physical and chemical characteristics of the contaminated soil. QMLP's Waste Management team reviews the profile and soil analyses to determine whether the soil is suitable for treatment through bioremediation and that it meets all federal, provincial and local regulations for management by Quantum.

Bioremediation Treatment

To optimize treatment results, QMLP handles each project separately, developing specific treatment processes to address the type and level of contamination as found in the Soil Characterization Profile. Soils are treated independently and are segregated into separate piles according to their origin by site.

Upon completion of treatment, soils are tested to ensure they meet all regulatory standards. The clean soil is then used as fill in appropriately approved and permitted sites.

Quality Control

Our Waste Management Facilities division has developed its own computer-based tracking system that monitors the degradation process and documents all activities related to the soil treatment and its subsequent reuse.

Each project is entered into a database where it is monitored and indexed by generator, soil characterization and treatment history, making pertinent information easily accessible to those involved at each step of the process.

Final Documentation

Once the soil has been properly treated and disposed of, clients receive a Certificate of Disposal. We maintain a detailed, up-to-date record of the receipt, treatment, and final disposal of soils, including the original Soil Characterization Profile and laboratory analyses, dates and tonnages received at the treatment facility, a detailed treatment history, laboratory results confirming successful bioremediation and final disposal dates, volumes and locations.

Our data management soil tracking systems and environmental liability management has been fully audited by and met full approval of all major petroleum companies.

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