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Water Treatment

Water - clean water - is essential to sustaining our environment and a critical element in QMLP's site remediation program. In order to meet today's tight environmental standards, contaminated water and runoff from construction and industrial sites, mines, and agricultural operations must be treated before being released back into the environment. Effective treatment reduces the contaminants in water to levels that are safe for the environment, and that comply with government regulations.

QMLP's team of experienced water treatment specialists focuses on developing and implementing cost-effective systems designed to treat a wide range of contaminated water.

We work closely with our clients to assess the type, extent and nature of the contamination. Once we've determined the most effective treatment process, we then develop an appropriate water remediation plan that addresses the unique characteristics of each site.

QMLP provides a comprehensive range of water treatment systems and solutions, both fixed and mobile. Each system removes contaminants through a multi-stage process of screening, aerating, and filtering. Following treatment, the water is sampled and analyzed to ensure that all pollution control standards have been met before it is discharged into the environment.

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