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The safe management and disposal of contaminated soils and other hazardous waste materials has become increasingly important in today's environmentally sensitive world. We now know that simply burying contaminated soil in a landfill is not an effective, long-term solution. We want to manage our wastes in such a way that they are safe for the environment.

As part of its overall environmental remediation and hazardous waste management programs, QMLP operates several waste management facilities to treat and dispose of waste materials from a variety of commercial and industrial sites. QF treats in excess of 300,000 tonnes of contaminated soil annually at fixed facilities and in on-site bio-cells.

Fully permitted, licensed and insured, each facility is carefully engineered and monitored to protect the surrounding environment, and meets - or exceeds - industry standards. QMLP works closely with its clients to determine the most appropriate treatment method for each batch of soil and to ensure that it meets all regulatory requirements for management under our system. Once the contaminated soil or waste material has been properly treated, tested and disposed of, clients receive a certificate verifying that the waste has been handled appropriately.

QMLP is continuously exploring the latest technologies for treating wastes - searching for innovative, cost-effective solutions and acquiring new facilities that will provide the utmost protection for our clients, and for generations to come.

To submit soil for treatment, please complete QMLP’s Soil Characterization Form.

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